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Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, Book 4)

Blood Promise - Richelle Mead After finishing the third book in Mead's Vampire Academy series several weeks ago, I was really excited for Blood Promise. After finishing this fourth book, I can only say that I was rather disappointed with the turn the story has taken. However, I also know that I am most likely in the minority with this opinion.I think my biggest issue is that everything just felt so predictable. In my usual fashion, I will try not to give away any plot lines or spoilers, but suffice it to say that Rose's quest to destroy Dmitri in his Strigoi form, her other discoveries along the way, and the ultimate outcome of events just felt so cliche and typical for a vampire romance that I found myself let down a bit from this series. Blood Promise definitely still has a page-turning quality that kept me reading, but I suspect at least some of that feeling was simply from the hope that the story would turn around and surprise me a little.The other story line focused on Lissa but it felt like such an afterthought that I never found myself particularly interested when reading about it. Perhaps it was because Rose was not in the thick of things with her, but Lissa's own story seemed a little disjointed, as if it was added in to make sure we didn't forget about her. Finally towards the end of the book, everything started coming together more and making sense (not to mention finally getting more exciting). Ultimately, I think if the book had been even 100 pages shorter, it wouldn't have hurt the story too much and would have cut out some of the more draggy stretches. Now to be fair, there were several scenes and characters I enjoyed and thought really added to the story. We learn a lot more about spirit users in this book, as well. And the romantic in me does enjoy the possibilities that could come in book five, however much I might find that part of the story unsurprising. In the end, despite being a little disappointed with Blood Promise, I do intend to continue the series.