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Dreamstone - P.A. Hendrickson It's been awhile since I have read a novel that is truly Science Fiction (as opposed to Fantasy). In fact, the only ones I have read are the books in the Ender and Bean series by Orson Scott Card. I can safely say that I enjoyed Dreamstone nearly as much as I enjoyed those books.Hendrickson has written a unique story filled with interesting characters, species, and technologies. And just when you've settled into the path the story is taken, the plot twists in a new direction and you have to rethink everything that is happening. Joebin and his friends have embarked on an amazing adventure, particularly as the people in their village have generally not been beyond the other towns in the area. They come across an entire civilization (the Atlomians) they did not even know existed, but little do the realize who else they will encounter as their planet is invaded by slavers, intent on forcing them to serve Kress Moltaire.If you are a fan of Science Fiction I think you'll enjoy this book. It may be a little lengthy at times, but the story is very original and there are many likable characters along the way.