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McKenzie (Montana Skies #1)

McKenzie - Penny Zeller I wanted to like this book because I usually do love marriage of convenience stories, but quite honestly there was not much I found to like. But let's start with the positive, shall we?WHAT I LIKED:~ Asa: He was the only character that had any spark of personality or life. His witty lines were easily the best dialogue in the book.~ The story concept of a mail order bride: I've always been a sucker for these stories, I guess it's the romantic in me.~ While there is certainly a strong focus on God, His plan, and Biblical verses, Zeller has managed to convey this without preaching. This, in my mind, is probably her greatest accomplishment with this story.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE:~ The vast majority of the characters. I found McKenzie to be absolutely detestable and her transformation didn't sway my opinion much at all. It was just too late at that point and more than anything I just wanted to roll my eyes. I really wanted to like Zach more, but he was just rather dull and uninteresting. The supporting characters were really much more likeable and lifelike than the two main characters were.~ The writing. The dialogues were so forced and lifeless. I couldn't imagine hearing most of the conversations taking place, with the exception of Asa's lines. He had spark and wit, to be sure.~ The interludes of McKenzie's daydreams. They simply didn't add anything to the story for me.To be honest, I found myself skimming much of this book just to get to the parts where the story was being advanced. Clearly, I am in the minority as most rate this book pretty highly, so you can take my review with a grain of salt and I won't be offended. :-)