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Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 1)

Foundling - D.M. Cornish I'm always a huge fan of books that create a new world and go into it in great detail. D.M. Cornish's world is incredibly imaginative and developed--a great addition to the book is the extensive appendix complete with glossary, diagrams, maps and more. The story is jam-packed with adventure; poor Rossamund found himself in so many dangerous situations throughout the book it was amazing he escaped relatively unscathed. I have to admit, he was at times a little annoyingly naive and innocent, but I know there's a purpose to this characterization, as I'm sure we will see him do a complete transformation in this series.Cornish's characters are also a work of art--colorful and well-developed, thanks in part to the fact that this story is also very well-written. From Rossamund's friends he meets along his journey to become a lamplighter, to the wide assortment of monsters found on the Half-Continent, the reader gets a vivid picture of what these characters are really like. This truly is an amazing debut novel, and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the second book, Lamplighter.Another bonus: assorted sketches of characters and monsters sprinkled throughout.