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The Skull Ring (Julia Stone)

The Skull Ring - Scott Nicholson Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Nicholson for sending me a copy of The Skull Ring to review. This is the first book I've read that focuses on Satanic cults, though admittedly the story is more devoted to Julia Stone and her "relationship" to the cult. I have to say, parts of the story definitely gave me the creeps and I refused to read it at night, in the dark!The suspenseful storyline is what carried this book and made it worth reading and at times, difficult to put down. There was the constant question of who Julia could really trust, though I did feel that many events that transpired were a bit predictable. I was reasonably sure who was to be feared throughout most of the book, though there were a couple of surprises I didn't see coming (as they related to certain characters, that is). As for the characters, they were all pretty good, basic characters but would have benefited from some further development and fleshing out to make the story even better. The friendship Julia finds herself forming with Walter felt a little hokey to me--not that it couldn't have happened, but I don't think enough of the book was used to really promote it to where the relationship made sense.All-in-all, The Skull Ring is an easy read with a definitely "creepy-factor" that makes you want to know how the story is going to turn out.