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Need - Carrie Jones As much as I HATE to say this... Twilight, anyone? At least, the beginning of the story literally screams it, so I'd say it's a fair comparison... Not that I really minded, to be honest. I rather enjoy the "new girl moves to a small town, meets a gorgeous boy, and finds things are not all as they seem" theme. For some reason, I had it in my head that this was going to be a vampire book, but clearly I am destined to read about faeries these days, or to be more accurate in this instance: pixies.In general, I thought this book was pretty well done, not to mention a fast, easy read--something I need more of these days. I enjoyed the characters quite a bit. Zara's grandmother was hysterical and Issie, whom she quickly befriended, was just adorable. And yes, Nick was another great boyfriend-type, the kind every girl dreams of. And his little secret doesn't hurt, either. :-) The story was a bit predictable, and I was able to figure out which characters were not quite what they appeared to be pretty easily. Of course, initially I was thinking about vampires, but I was set straight pretty quickly. As for how the story is resolved, I have to say I really enjoyed that--quite a bit of creativity on Zara's part that had me grinning.All-in-all, Need was an enjoyable read that kept me turning pages--I finished this book in one day! It may not have been overly original, but it was well-written and told a good story.