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City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments)

City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare What can I say about this book? Cassandra Clare really has a great series going with her Mortal Instruments books. I was ready to pick up #3 and start reading as soon as I put down City of Ashes, but my conscience stopped me in order to write this review. And after all, I'd hate to start mixing up the two books before writing my review for this one.Once again, looking at a world with all walks of supernatural life, coupled with bits of religion (Christianity) sprinkled throughout makes for a fascinating read. I've picked up several new bits of mythology in reading these books and it's obvious that Clare must have done a great deal of research to write these novels. She also has a great ability with dialogues, as I mentioned in my review of City of Bones. I have to say I would have liked to see a bit more of the sarcastic banter in this book--it really was toned down until about the second half. Perhaps that's why it took me a little longer to get into the story, as well. It just seemed a bit slower this time around, until I got a little over halfway through, and then at that point I really couldn't put the book down. By the end of it, I still had several unanswered questions; hence, the temptation to pick up City of Glass and dive in. This book is definitely a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more.The main cast of characters is still enjoyable to read about, with a few new faces thrown in this time around, as well. The Inquisitor is a truly unlikeable woman (hmmm, a bit reminiscent of Dolores Umbridge??) and I found it difficult to believe that she could behave the way she was. Even given what we find out about her life towards the end of the book. Her unwillingness to listen to the truth was a little over the top, in my opinion. But I suppose that is what makes us love to hate her. We also meet a new young werewolf, Maia, and I am curious to see if she plays a role in City of Glass.Fans of City of Bones will certainly enjoy this sequel. I know I did, though perhaps not quite as much as that first book.