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Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely)

Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr I couldn't tell you why, but I was prepared to like this book less than Wicked Lovely. Perhaps that's because I'm not much for tattoos and that was what this entire book revolved around. Maybe it was because I wanted a direct continuation of the story of Aislinn, Seth, and Keenan. Actually, I suspect it was because of some reviews I've skimmed through that didn't rate Ink Exchange as favorably as the first book in the series. Even when I started reading, I remained skeptical. In the end, though, I closed the book and knew that I liked it better than the first and I truly think it was a stronger book than Wicked Lovely.Ink Exchange is darker and much more serious than Wicked Lovely, in my opinion. As much as I liked Aislinn and Seth from the first book (and they're still in this one, too), Leslie and Niall are simply deeper and more complex individuals. That they have suffered in their lives is putting it mildly. And then of course there's Irial, and without him and his desire to "feed" his dark fey (I won't go into more detail than that), we wouldn't even have this story.As I finished the last page, I could not believe that I'd finished this book so quickly. I mean, I realize it's not a difficult read, but the pages just flew by because I had to know what was going to happen. I'm really glad that I've got Fragile Eternity nearby and can dive right into it, but the thought of waiting roughly another year for the next book is borderline agonizing. As most of you probably know from my Sunday Salon post, I had the good fortune to attend a signing with Melissa Marr on Sunday. Part of me wishes I'd already read all these books before going, the other part appreciates what I was able to learn from Marr before reading Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity. Marr's strong focus on her characters and developing who they really are is what makes these books so enjoyable and dare I say it, addictive. The end of this book definitely leaves you wanting more.