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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen The Truth About Forever is now officially my favorite book by Sarah Dessen that I have read so far. I had heard many great things about this particular book and I can understand why. Dessen really has a talent for writing gripping, seemingly real-life YA fiction. There are always intriguing characters that have so many facets to their personalities--and you can be sure that there is more to them than meets the eye. Macy undergoes quite a transformation from a girl who is essentially living in her "perfect" boyfriend's shadow, to someone who finally takes chances and dares to live her life the way she wants to. I can honestly say it was sort of exciting to watch her change and grow--one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much. Wes is definitely one of the many-faceted characters in this story, and through his game of Truth with Macy we learn more and more about him as the story progresses. The Truth About Forever is a story about many things: death and grieving, love, friendship, and family (and often how all of those intermingle). I do sometimes find myself frustrated with the way that Dessent portrays some of the family interactions, but I have a feeling that is because I never experienced the same things in my own youth with my parents and have a hard time imagining events unfolding the way they do at times.If you enjoy Dessen's books, I can't imagine that you wouldn't enjoy this one. With The Truth About Forever, she has come a long way from her first book, but it is still classic Sarah Dessen.