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Magic Study

Magic Study - Maria V. Snyder Snyder has written yet another original and highly imaginative work with Magic Study. I love her descriptive writing style that makes me feel as if I could be in the world she has created. While I really found Poison Study and her life as Commander Ambrose's food taster intriguing, reading Yelena's story as she learns more about her magic was just as interesting. We learn more about how magic works in Sitia--some people are Master Magicians and can do anything, while others have a few talents or even just one. Yelena appears to have many talents--one of which I love involves her ability to communicate telepathically not only with people, but with animals.We also see that Sitia is a very treacherous place--especially for Yelena--and it is as if we are being given the impression that Ixia is a much better place to live. Even still, I enjoyed getting to read about the new characters that Snyder introduces us to in Sitia while still being able to read about Yelena's friends from Ixia when a delegation arrives at the Keep. And really, much of the action begins once they've all arrived. But once again, Snyder successfully ties up many loose ends critical to the story, while still leaving it open to continue in the third book. I much prefer that as opposed to having everything wide open and waiting for any kind of resolution to occur. If you enjoyed Poison Study, you shouldn't be disappointed by Magic Study. It is fast-paced with never a dull moment. These books are quickly becoming some of my favorites.