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Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride - Sarah Dessen My, my -- this review is a LONG time coming, though I never actually got around to reading Along for the Ride until a few weeks ago. Yes, this one is classic Dessen, though I'll start off by saying it doesn't quite rank among my Dessen Favorites. I believe that honor still goes to The Truth About Forever with Just Listen, the first book I ever read by Dessen, a close second. I've said it once (probably more than that), but I'll say it again, I wish that Dessen or someone like her had been writing contemporary YA fiction like these books when I was a tween/teen. I know I would have enjoyed them at that age -- possibly even more than I enjoy her writing now.This was the book I saw all over the place when I finally decided to give Sarah Dessen a try. I didn't want to start with this one -- I wanted to read every other book she had written first. I finally did that, and then my reading slowed down and the Great Blog Hiatus soon followed. So, it was fun for me to pick up Along for the Ride and discover that I still enjoyed Dessen's writing, the incredibly realistic (and full-of-life) characters she creates, and the world they live in -- this time, it's the town of Colby. I finished this book pretty quickly, but by the end I didn't have quite the same completely satisfied feeling that I normally get from what I feel is Dessen's best work. I think that maybe I wanted a little more from the relationship between Auden and Eli than we ultimately got. It is absolutely great fun to read about the quest that Eli takes Auden on, to experience all the "normal" things she missed out on when she was a kid, growing up and trying to meet the expectations of her rather neurotic mother. I looked forward to every nighttime meeting between the two, anxiously awaiting their every conversation, but ultimately I just wanted a little more from them (for them?).Naturally, if you love Dessen, you'll love this book. I still rate it highly, even though it's not my favorite. I can't wait to pick up What Happened to Goodbye and give it a go.