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The Popularity Rules

The Popularity Rules - Abby McDonald OK, I have to be honest. This book is an example of why I don't generally read Chick Lit. I realize that sounds harsh, and I apologize for that, but I don't know how else to express it. I found the story and the characters to be very superficial and for much of the book I was absolutely annoyed with Kat. As I am so far behind on my review reading, I was tempted to call it quits on this book and pass it along after reading a few chapters, but I decided to persevere. And you know what? The book did improve for me and I found myself sucked into the story. Not only that, I imagine that regular readers of Chick Lit will really enjoy The Popularity Rules.Despite some obvious predictability with the storyline, Abby McDonald has produced a well-written, sharp, and at times amusing story of Kat's foray into popular circles. My issue with stories like this is that I find myself getting depressed and disappointed when characters act the way Kat and Lauren did. I like to think that people in general are better than they are portrayed to be in books that focus on popularity and how to find success. Maybe I am overly optimistic and give people too much credit, or perhaps it's because I personally have never been (or aimed to be) part of the popular, "in" crowd.Bottom line: While it wasn't for me, I imagine Chick Lit fans (and fans of the movie Clueless, for that matter) will enjoy The Popularity Rules. There is also a web site for the book that you can check out! It will be released on September 24th in the UK. A special thanks to Ruth with Random House UK for sending me an advanced copy.