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Destined (Wings)

Destined - Aprilynne Pike The quotation from author Claudia Gray at the top of the dust jacket sums up exactly how I felt about this book: "The perfect ending." If a series has to come to a close, I always hope that by the time I turn the last page I have that feeling of contentment and satisfaction with how the story is wrapped up. I enjoyed every book in this series and really thought that each book improved upon the last. Since I was on my blogging hiatus for the release of the third book, Illusions, I did not review it, but you can revisit my reviews of Wings and Spells should you care to. With Destined, you have non-stop action from the start of the story. Again, we are focusing primarily on Laurel, Tamani, David, and Chelsea as they battle to save Avalon from almost certain destruction. The love triangle is finally no more, though Laurel doesn't really make her ultimate choice until towards the end of the book. However, you basically know in whose favor the tide is turning at this point, anyway. The ultimate battle for Avalon is a powerful climax and Pike does an incredible job portraying the many angles of fighting and the horror that Klea brings upon the fairies. Though not as prevalent in this story, Yuki plays a key role near the end... hmm, no pun intended for those of you who have read this. That is my only spoiler and it was totally unintended.I honestly have no complaints about how Pike ended this series. I thought the characters were at their best, the plot and pacing was about as close to perfection as you could get, and though I was sad to see the story end, I was totally content when I closed the book. If you haven't given these books a try, yet, I highly recommend them -- particularly if you enjoy fairy lore. Wings is certainly not as strong as its sequels, but it should be pretty obvious that there is great potential upon finishing that first book.