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Evernight - Claudia Gray OK, I will admit it. Evernight might be your stereotypical YA vampire novel, but you know what? I enjoyed it, nonetheless. And actually, there were a couple of twists and turns that I didn't see coming when I was reading, so I definitely enjoyed being caught off guard. I am glad that I hadn't read any spoilers for this book beforehand--it is definitely a story that is better to go into with little information beforehand. (And as usual, I will try to keep the review spoiler-free.)My biggest problem with this book is that I felt like some of the more interesting aspects of the storyline and characters were rather underdeveloped. There was a great deal of focus on life at the boarding school, but I think Gray could have gone into more detail on some of her more creative aspects of vampire culture vs. human culture. She really does a good job portraying some different ideas of vampire lore. Unfortunately, by the time we get to the real meat of the plot, there really isn't much time left to address it in the level of detail it deserves, if that makes any sense. I am hopeful this will be addressed more when I read the second book (which, by the way, I just ordered today).However, I do think we have a great cast of characters and quite honestly, the story is engaging--along the same lines as another extremely popular vampire series (turned into movies) that shall remain nameless. I suppose this book is really a bit of a guilty pleasure, and you know something? Sometimes those are just what you need.