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Naked in Death

Naked in Death - J.D. Robb I have to admit that I wasn't really all that interested in reading these books... until I had read some recent reviews of several titles in the series. When I happened to see the omnibus edition of the first two In Death books I figured, why not give them a shot?Somehow, in reading those reviews I didn't realize these books were set in the future, which gives them an interesting twist. Actually, at times I wished that there was more emphasis on the fact that these books are set in the future--Robb could have supplied more detail in that respect. The story is certainly not for the faint of heart, and I should have realized that there would be more than enough sex, as well, given who we're dealing with (Robb a.k.a Nora Roberts). I skimmed over that and dealt with the foul language--I suppose it made sense for the story, regardless of whether or not I actually liked it. The storyline was interesting, if a bit predictable. But at the same time there were enough twists that I didn't have it totally figured out by the end. Robb does a pretty good job with the characters--Eve and Roarke are fairly well-developed (Eve more so than Roarke), and the antagonistic characters are definitely not likable in the slightest.I plan to read the next book, Glory In Death, sometime soon, though I don't know that I'll continue the series beyond those two books. My reading tastes don't really include a lot of sex and foul language. All the same, Robb writes a good, suspenseful mystery and I could appreciate the story for that in itself.