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The 8th Confession - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro You might recall from my previous mentions about how a reader can really influence how you feel about an audio book--at least, I find that happens to me. A good reader can make a not-so-great book better, or vice versa. With 8th Confession, I have to confess that I was not nuts about Carolyn McCormick's reading, though at times she does do a great job, depending on the character she is portraying (she gets an A+ as Yuki's mother, for example). But more often than not, I just felt her reading seemed to prim and proper for the story, if that makes any sense.However, I thought the story behind 8th Confession was so good that the reading really did not mess up the listening experience for me. I found myself completely engaged with the story--well, not so completely that I couldn't drive safely on my commutes, but I'm sure you understand what I mean. In fact, I now think that listening to audio books might be the best route for Patterson's novels for me--with their short chapters they really are perfect for listening. And as his stories are generally fast-paced and exciting, it makes for a great audio book experience. Not that I don't enjoy reading his novels in print, but they really are a great option for my daily commutes.As with most of his books there is a bit of sexual content and foul language, most of which I am willing to overlook, though I really could do without some of it. Given that Patterson always has several storylines working at once, I don't need all the details of the various relationships--insinuations work just fine for me. But I definitely enjoy the multiple storylines and now that Patterson has developed all the women in the Murder Club so much, there is a lot more to work with for their various stories. If you enjoy Patterson's novels, I definitely recommend checking out their audio versions--I don't think you'll be disappointed.