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Fire (Graceling)

Fire - Kristin Cashore (FROM MY BLOG, BEFORE THE BOOK WAS PUBLISHED) I had just finished reading and reviewing Graceling when a representative from the publisher asked me if I'd be interested in an ARC of Fire. I couldn't believe my luck! I enjoyed Graceling a lot and was rather bummed knowing I would have to wait until October to read Fire. In the end, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've been sitting on this book for a few weeks, needing to get through other commitments and of course working full time again. I finally had time this weekend to really delve into Fire...I loved it even more than Graceling! Honestly, I did not think that was going to be the case. I think I was skeptical because it was a prequel and was not going to have many of the characters from Graceling. In fact, only one of those characters was present, but it made for an interesting look at what is to come in the story from Graceling. Fire is another fantastic YA heroine--she is strong and brave but also shows her vulnerable side. I truly became very attached to her while reading her story.Because this book is not due out until October, I am not going to give away too much in my review, but I truly believe that if you enjoyed Graceling, you will enjoy Fire at least just as much! The story is compelling and the characters are marvelously drawn. Speaking of characters... I have the good fortune to be part of an upcoming blog tour for Fire, which will be revolving around the story's characters. I'm very excited and can't wait to share that with you. But guess what, I've got something to share with you even sooner... an e-book with the prologue and first two chapters of Fire!! Take a look...