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The Life O'Reilly

The Life O'Reilly - Brian Cohen I have to start this review by saying that this is probably the most difficult review I have had to write to date. I have actually been sitting on this book for several days now, pondering the words I am getting ready to write. That might sound like it doesn't bode well, but I am rating the book highly--though, if this makes ANY sense, not because it was a book I enjoyed by the time I put it down. Doesn't that sound horrible? I don't mean for it to, but I am trying to be 100% honest in expressing my thoughts about The Life O'Reilly.I probably should have realized this book would not be one I would typically choose to read--in the end, I felt as if it were a Nicholas Sparks novel, but only for the emotionally charged aspects of the storyline. (And in all honesty, I have only read one book by Nicholas Sparks and that was enough for me!) I simply do not knowingly choose stories to read that tend to be sad or potentially emotionally draining. Those aren't my kind of books. But what I can say about this book is that it is very well written with brilliantly portrayed characters, and that is why--even though I didn't enjoy the overall direction the story ended up taking--I had to give it a higher rating. Cohen deserves recognition for being able to cause readers to feel strong emotions--even in earlier scenes at the law office, I was getting very irate with the way that Nick and other lawyers were treated. To me, if a story or its characters can cause such strong emotional reactions in the reader, then the writer has most likely done his or her job.There were certainly highs and lows, and while the end does throw one for a bit of a loop, I was left with just one impression by the last page. And honestly, it was the perfect way to end that book. So for those of you who enjoy emotionally wrenching stories, this book is definitely for you. For anyone who might be offended by language and mild sexual content, be warned you'll find it. If my review has intrigued you enough, pick up a copy and give it a try! Thank you again to Brian Cohen for sending a copy to me!