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Willow - Julia Hoban This was another book that has been receiving so many positive, glowing reviews, one almost has to approach reading it with a healthy amount of skepticism. For me, the skepticism was gone just a few pages into the book and I was swept into the story without ever looking back. I read this book in one sitting this past Sunday, pausing only to grab some dinner, which I ate while reading. I have never read a book about cutting or cutters, nor do I know any cutters in my personal life, so I was not expecting to feel so much connection to the story or the characters. In fact, I originally didn't think I wanted to read this book because I wasn't sure I cared to read about this subject matter. Little did I know...Julia Hoban's writing doesn't let you stay disconnected from the story--nor do her characters. Honestly, this book is just as amazing as the other reviews out there have portrayed it to be. The story is beautifully written and I found myself tearful (and even laughing at times) on several occasions. One of my favorite scenes (minor SPOILER ALERT--sorry!) is after Guy gives Willow his phone number, asking her to call him if she is getting ready to cut herself again. Although she never thought she would, after a particularly upsetting event with her brother, Willow calls him, unable to speak at all. But Guy knows it's her and simply stays on the line and lets her know that he's there. Guy is a big sweetheart, and while I find it hard to believe there really is a teenage guy (sorry) like him out there, you can't help but love him even if he seems a bit too good to be true.Willow really is a powerful, moving story and I'm so glad I stepped out of my normal comfort zone to read this book.