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The Sugar Queen

The Sugar Queen - Sarah Addison Allen Sarah Addison Allen may be fast becoming one of my favorite new authors. There is something so enjoyable about reading her books and I don't want to put them down or have them come to an end! Admittedly, The Sugar Queen is a wee bit predictable, but that didn't keep me from enjoying Josey's story.One of Allen's strengths is her characters--every character in the story is a delight, whether their part is large or small. Della Lee may be "two parts fairy godmother" but she is unlike any fairy godmother you've read or heard about! Josey's friend Chloe has her own set of interesting problems, but I would certainly give anything to have one of them--books magically appear just when she needs them! Yes, there is a touch of magic in Allen's second book, and I think that is part of her book's charm. It's not an in-your-face supernatural story like many out there, but the little bit of magic makes the book that much more special. But back to the characters... Josey is a fantastic main character--she grows so much as you turn the pages and I know I was pulling for her as she realized with each new day there was more to life than being at home with only her mother and the house maid for companionship. And yes, there is a bit of romance in the story but it is not the sole focus of the plot and so makes for a nice addition to the story.As with Garden Spells (read my review here) this story wraps up nicely at the end, though as horrible as this sounds, I don't know that I think Josey's mother deserved the happy ending she got. All-in-all I really enjoyed Allen's second book and look forward to reading The Girl Who Chased the Moon at some point down the road. If you are looking for a light read with a touch of magic and whimsy then you should pick up one of Allen's books and get lost in the worlds she creates.