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Lies: A Gone Novel

Lies - Michael  Grant With each book, Grant's story becomes more and more incredible. This series is definitely not for the faint of heart, as Grant does not mince words when describing the horrific events that are unfolding in the FAYZ. While I was frustrated by the seeming lack of progression in the second book, Hunger, I was morbidly captivated by the transpiring horrors and nonstop action in Lies.What I like the most about this series is that I think the kids' actions, emotions, and reactions are absolutely believable given the completely unbelievable world they have found themselves in. I found myself able to understand everyone's point of view and was anxious to see how Grant would resolve some of the tumultuous turns that relationships took. Again, we were really only teased with the importance of Little Pete in this novel, but it was quite the teaser to say the least. Two new characters were added to the mix in Nerezza and Orsay, and their importance would have benefited from more development of their stories and characters, in my opinion.Overall, I really do not have many complaints about this book, except that I was hoping that everything would be wrapped up and it is obvious that there must be another book coming down the road to answer more questions. All I can do is anxiously wait for more...