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Sea Glass (Glass, Book 2)

Sea Glass - Maria V. Snyder Despite that "dangerous" comment I made to start my review of Storm Glass, the streak continues for me with Snyder's books. By the time my review posted a couple of days ago I had already finished Sea Glass and was lamenting the fact that the last book isn't due out for nearly three more months!In all honesty there isn't much that I can add to what I have already said I loved about this series and Snyder's Study series. Her world-building is one of the key aspects that makes these books so good--both with respect to the actual lands and countries and the people of the various clans that inhabit them. And for those of you who were perhaps disappointed by Opal's character in the first book (though I wasn't), we see tremendous character growth and development in this second book in the series. If you don't love Opal by the end of this book, I have to admit I would be surprised. Actually, there are two or three minor twists that I think set up some interesting storylines for the third book and I am anxious to see how the story concludes.My only beef with this book were two pretty obvious typos that I came across while reading, which I find disappointing when you think of the editing that should be going into these books. However, because I couldn't put this book down I can't let that detract from my rating, and so once again we see a top rating for Snyder! While some don't care for these books as much, for some reason both her Study series and Glass series have really resonated with me.