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Short-Straw Bride

Short-Straw Bride - Karen Witemeyer I've had this ebook for a few months -- I had downloaded it as a freebie, I believe -- and only just now got around to reading it, prompted by several glowing reviews I had read. I'm so glad I did -- it was such a fun read, nothing too over the top and far from preachy. But, yes, this is a work of  Christian fiction and while those overtones are there, I did not think they were oppressive or offensive. And we already established a few reviews back that I do love my cowboy romances!The characters in this story are enjoyable to read about. The Archers are a rather quirky bunch -- after all, confining yourself to your own and and never leaving does tend to make you a bit reclusive and, well, different. Meredith is spunky and just the type of female heroine I enjoy reading about. Certainly, she and Travis have their share of misunderstandings, but in general I wasn't too annoyed by them, I think because they weren't as cliched as they tend to be in Christian Fiction, and even romances, in general.It is amusing and occasionally frustrating to watch Meredith and Travis's relationship develop, but Witemeyer expertly weaves the story, giving you just a little taste of what is eventually to come and leaving you wanting. That's why I had to keep turning the pages to see how it all played out. I felt thoroughly invested in the outcome of the story, and that's always a sign of a great read for me. I'm looking forward to reading other books by Witemeyer soon!Read this book...- If you enjoy Christian Historical romances that are clean reads- If you like your Historical Fiction with a Western frontier setting**Originally posted at Melissa's Bookshelf.