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Shadowy Horses

The Shadowy Horses - Susanna Kearsley I first stumbled across Susanna Kearsley last year, when I read The Winter Sea, quite some time after Sourcebook re-released it. And I will freely admit it, I was totally drawn to that book by its cover and once I read it, I found myself saying "must read ALL the books by Susanna Kearsley!!!" But much to my shame, this is the first time I am actually writing a review of one of Kearsley's books and it is long overdue!I love, love, LOVE Kearsley's works, whether they are time slip stories or simply tales that take a look back at a certain time and place in history. While not a true time slip novel, like The Winter Sea and The Rose Garden, The Shadowy Horses almost had an almost magical quality to it. I found myself completely lost in the pages of this book and thanks to Kearsley's beautiful, descriptive writing style, I felt like I was right there, witnessing everything happen.As is typical with Kearsley's stories, there is a lovely romance that builds throughout the book. And though she does not send a character back in time, instead we meet a centuries-old ghost and a boy who is part of a line of men with the second sight. I think because there is just a hint of the paranormal, it allows you to believe that maybe, just maybe this story could be real. I also loved the Scottish setting for the story!If you enjoy historical fiction, time slips, or even just fiction with a hint of romance, I think you would greatly enjoy The Shadowy Horses and any other of Kearsley's books.