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Keeping the Moon

Keeping the Moon - Sarah Dessen I rather wish I had come across Sarah Dessen when she published her first book, That Summer--I really think that her books are great reads for teen and 'tween girls. However, that doesn't stop me from enjoying them years after the fact.Keeping The Moon deals with an issue that I think most girls struggle with at some point--their weight and appearance. As always, Dessen handles the story tastefully and realistically. It's interesting to see how she has evolved from her first book in this, her third book. For me, her stories are a welcome departure from most of the books I gravitate toward--mystery, fantasy and paranormal. Every now and then I just enjoy a book about people that might have lived next door to you, or perhaps you knew them in school.Another aspect of Dessen's works that I appreciate is her ability to weave strong, positive messages into the story. In Keeping The Moon, she notes that confidence comes from within and that you make yourself into who you want to be--no one else can decide that for you. So even though this may be a light read (perfect for summer, I might add), you come away with a positive message and feeling after reading it. Overall I really enjoyed the story, though at times I wish it were fleshed out a bit more. I often find that with Dessen's books--they tend to be shorter reads that are over before you know it. And really, that's probably not a bad thing given how many chunkier books are out there for the young adult market. So if you're looking for a light read with a positive message, this might be the book for you.