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This Is Me From Now On

This Is Me From Now On - Barbara Dee Firstly, many thanks to Barbara Dee for sending me a copy of this book for review. This Is Me From Now on has a target audience that is a tad bit younger (ages 9 - 13) than most of the books I usually review, but I was interested in the premise and gladly accepted the opportunity to share this book with all of you.My first thought upon finishing this book was that I could have seen myself reading it when I was in middle school. It's generally a light-hearted read that is the perfect little escape from real-life into a world that almost could be yours. The storyline is cute, if a bit predictable--but since we have probably all been in similar situations with a new girl moving to town, I suppose that is to be expected. And who hasn't wanted to reinvent themselves the way Evie was so desperate to? I know I used to feel that way as a pre-teen and teen, and even to this day sometimes find myself thinking about a new me. In the end, Evie learn a lot about herself and her friends and we read all about it in a charming story that provides a lot of laughs.I highly recommend this book for all the tweens out there. The characters are very well-drawn and I would be surprised if others weren't as blown away by Francesca as I was. She was certainly a hoot and a bit over the top, but Evie and her friends were a tad more realistic. All-in-all an enjoyable read!