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Holly's Inbox

Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham OK, I'll be the first to admit that I don't read a lot of chick lit. And actually, this book came my way due to a case of mistaken identity when the author was actually trying to contact a different blogger named Melissa. I think we both got a good laugh over that and I decided I ought to give the book a try, even though it's not my usual read.Oh my, am I glad I did. Holly's Inbox is hysterical. Seriously. My husband was laughing and shaking his head at me laughing out loud while I was reading. Don't be daunted by the book's chunkster appearance--the 665 pages fly by, as you are really just reading a series of generally short emails. If you've seen my Teaser Tuesday post, you got a nice little sample of what you can expect to read, but there's really so much more... Emails from Holly's meddling "mum," from her grandmother who signs her up for all kinds of email subscriptions, her crazy brother who wants her to front a not-so-nice establishment... I could go on and on, but really you ought to read it for yourself. If I tell you too much, it will spoil some of the funniest moments and I certainly wouldn't want to do that.The email format of this book is a great concept. On occasion, however, I did have trouble keeping up with the conversation and found myself re-reading when it turns out it would be subsequently explained. For a book written in this style, it's amazing that you see as much character development as you do, as well. Do be forewarned that there's a fair amount of talk of sex and sexual references. For that reason I'd be a bit hesitant to lend it to my mother (and I'm sure she's reading this, too) though I do think she'd get a good laugh out of a lot of it. Honestly, if you're looking for a funny read that is light and will give you a good laugh, I highly encourage you to give this book a try. And the synopsis is spot on--you will definitely be happy with the ending.