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Detection Unlimited

Detection Unlimited - Georgette Heyer Detection Unlimited was the last of Heyer's mysteries. So far, it's actually the only one I've read because my mother happened to have her original copy and passed it along to me. As I learned in The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Jane Aiken Hodge, her husband (who left his career as a mining engineer to become a barrister) actually helped her with writing her mysteries, making sure that she left appropriate clues that would give the reader a fighting chance to solve the mystery.As with her Regency romances, Heyer writes colorful dialogues between the characters and develops them fully throughout the book. As you read, you really feel like you've become a part of the small village yourself, as Heyer paints the picture so vividly. And you really feel for poor Inspector Hemingway, who has to put up with unsolicited help from everyone he encounters during his investigation. It's a wonder he is able to solve the murder, yet he manages to do so quite cleverly. Oh, and not to worry, there's a bit of romance in this story, too! For me, as a mystery lover, I enjoyed seeing Georgette Heyer use her talents in this genre and look forward to reading more of her mysteries.