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The Victor

The Victor - Marlayne Giron Many, many apologies to Marlayne Giron--I should have read and reviewed this weeks ago but have been in a bit of a reading funk lately as life has gotten in the way of my literary pursuits. I am hopeful that reading The Victor has brought me out of that funk--I greatly enjoyed this historical tale of betrayal, victory and romance.While not without its flaws, The Victor is an enjoyable read that has a happy ending--my favorite kind! The story is simple: a man named Lucius seeks revenge against the king for banishment and nearly succeeds before the king's son saves the day. And you know what, the plot line works, plain and simple. My biggest issue was getting a grasp on the passage of time. Too often "many years passed," or something happened "year after year," leaving me with an uncertain feeling as to just how much time actually did pass throughout the story--ultimately, about 6-7 years. And perhaps the usage of "thee," "thou," and "thy" seemed a bit awkward at times, but generally I did not find it to be a detraction.Overall, I thought The Victor was a nice read and never boring, which was nice. Giron minced no words, scenes, or characters to convey her exciting tale. I heartily recommend this book if you are looking for an epic historical romance that is a relatively easy read and ends with everyone getting his or her just desserts. For more information on Marlayne Giron and The Victor, please visit her website!