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For Glory

For Glory - Elisabeth Lee While I may not be a member of Lee's true target audience with this book, I really enjoyed the story. For Glory is more than a mystery, it's a story of what happens to Carlyle Hudson when she goes home to Kansas after her mother's death to pick up the pieces. Lyle has a newly acquired house and bridal shop that she's not quite sure what to do with, not to mention a little Smooth-haired Fox Terrier named Glory that she seemingly has no desire to put up with. And naturally, you know a man will come into the picture sooner or later, too.Lee's gift is writing strong characters, and that includes the little dog, Glory! Lyle is full of spunk with a lot of attitude, and you soon see that all of the Hudson women (Lyle and her three aunts, Luce, Loretta and Lenore) are quite a hilarious bunch. While I enjoyed getting to know them, and the story in general, I felt like the two mysteries in the story were a little lacking. Not in actual excitement, of course, but in terms of how they were all figured out. To me, this wasn't your typical "whodunnit" story where the reader is right there trying to figure out who the culprit is. The evidence really wasn't presented in a way that the reader could pick up on all the clues, in my opinion. I noticed some suspicious actions by characters at times, but couldn't figure out what any motives would be. And why random acts of burglary by young thugs seemed to happen with great frequency to Lyle I'll never understand.Overall, though, it was a light, entertaining read that will certainly get you laughing. And everything is resolved quite nicely at the end, and for me that's when the pieces really started falling together and everything made sense. I guess the sleuth in me just likes to be able to figure it all out as I go.